Smile Direct Club vs Byte: Compare the Best Teeth Straightening Options

Smile Direct Club vs Byte

A perfect smile is everyone’s right, but some people are born with certain dental issues that cause problems in their daily lives. Teeth crowding or spacing issues may not seem like much, but it could cause your confidence to become low.

To ensure that everyone can lead a confident life, clear aligners companies bring new treatment plans to the market. Two such clear aligner brands are Byte and Smile Direct Club. This article compares both these brands based on different factors to understand the better option.

Read on to find out the better brand between Smile Direct Club vs Byte.

Overview Of Key Differences between Smile Direct Club and Byte

Let us know more about the company before you get into a detailed review of their products.


Byte is an online clear aligner company that was established in 2018. Relatively new in the market, the company was able to attract customers with their short treatment times. They manufacture clear aligners that feel and look the same as Invisalign.

The clear aligners were made from clear BPA-free plastic and fit your teeth perfectly. Since its inception, Byte has fulfilled its promise of providing quality products, faster treatment times, and great customer support.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club has been in the market since 2014 and is one of the largest and older home aligner companies. It has tended to more than 750,000 customers and has over 2000 employees working under them.

The company is widely known for its convenient services and aligner effectiveness. Smile Direct Club has SmileShops all over the country, which makes it an access point for customers who are not comfortable with at-home treatment.

Functioning Of The Products

Both Byte and Smile Direct Club deals with clear aligners used for teeth alignment treatment. However, despite the similarity in the product, there are differences in their service pattern. To understand these brands better, let us compare their product functioning.


Byte offers a wide range of products for their full teeth straightening treatment plan. You can opt for Byte impression kit, all-day aligners, nighttime aligners, HyperByte, and Snow at-home whitening kit.

The clear aligners are available in all-day and nighttime forms. Depending on your aligner comfort zone, you can choose whether you want to wear the aligners all day or only at night. The impression kit is the first thing that you need to buy. With this, you get a 3D impression of your teeth assessed by Byte for providing your treatment plan.

Hyperlite is a device provided only by Byte for enhancing the treatment time. This is available for free with any of the treatment plans. Additionally, Byte provides a teeth whitening kit called Snow.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club offers three primary products to its customers. These are the all-day clear aligners, nighttime aligners, and impression kits. The impression kit gives for free to the customers to take a 3D impression of their teeth.

Based on the impression, the orthodontists at Smile Direct will formulate a treatment plan for the customer. The all-day aligners are mainly suggested for everyone since it has a faster treatment time.

People who are not comfortable with all-day aligners can opt for nighttime aligners. However, the treatment time for nighttime aligners is very long. The company does not provide any additional teeth care kits like its competitor Byte but has retainers provided with each treatment.


In the Byte vs. Smile Direct Club debate, let us now compare the features to know who the winner is.

Smile Direct vs Byte: Aligner Effectiveness

Smile Direct Club started by partnering with AlignTech to manufacture their clear aligners. Currently, they are making their aligners in-house. Byte has never disclosed their partnership regarding the manufacturing of their aligners. However, they promise to provide toxin-free, BPA-free material.

Both Byte and Smile Direct manufacture aligners that cover your gums. This increases the effectiveness of the treatment and produces better results.

Smile Direct vs Byte: Price Structure

Byte has a sticker price of $1895 for its all-day clear aligner, while Smile Direct provides it at $1950. The nighttime aligners for Byte cost a little higher than Smile Direct at $2295. However, Smile Direct provides nighttime aligners at the same price as their all-day aligners.

The initial cost for Byte clear aligner treatment includes retainers. However, Smile Direct provides their retainers at $99 after their treatment. The impression kit from Byte costs $95, while from Smile Direct, it costs $49. You can get the impression kit free from any SmileShop.

Both these companies have financing options with a down payment structure. The best thing about this is the lack of a credit check which approves every customer.

Pros and Cons between Smile Direct Club and Byte

Byte Pros

  1. Does not need customers to go for in-office visits
  2. Equipped with HyperByte device for enhanced effectiveness
  3. Lifetime guarantee
  4. Treatment time is short

Byte Cons

  1. The pricing structure is higher than some competitors
  2. The insurance reimbursement process is complicated

Smile Direct Club Pros

  1. Treatment plan provided by licensed orthodontist and dentist
  2. Made from BPA-free aligners
  3. Does not need in-house dentist visits
  4. Low cost of braces

Smile Direct Club Cons

  1. Aligners only suitable for minor corrections
  2. Safety and efficacy is controversial


Which Clear Aligner Company Will Give Faster Results?

Compared to Smile Direct, Byte provides faster results both for their all-day and nighttime aligners. While Smile Direct sets the recovery time at 6 to 8 months, Byte promises to complete the treatment in 4 to 6 months.

Which Clear Aligner Type Should I Choose?

Both Smile Direct and Byte provide all-day and nighttime clear aligners. While daytime aligners are mostly recommended, nighttime aligners are more convenient. They are suitable for people who snack frequently and are uncomfortable with wearing aligners outside.

Final Thoughts

Smile Direct Club and Byte both have certain pros and cons. However, in the debate of Byte vs. Smile Direct Club, we would choose Byte. The company has focused on providing enhanced treatment services to its customers at an affordable price range.

The company also focuses on shortening the treatment time despite the wear time being similar to its competitor. From the comparison, you can determine that Smile Direct Club started strong but has been overshadowed by Byte in current times.

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