Smile Direct Club Night Aligners’ Reviews

Night-time aligners are perfect for people who want to correct teeth imperfections but aren’t comfortable with dealing with them during their waking hours. Clients with mild to moderate dental concerns are the ideal candidates for these aligners. Many dental servicing brands offer their version of night aligners. But did you know that Smile Direct Club introduced the first-ever clear aligners for the night-time? They are available for $1950, which you can pay upfront or cover in monthly installments. 

Most Smile Direct Club Night Aligners’ reviews have three things in common – they offer a discreet way to correct teeth alignment issues, they offer a quick treatment time (four to six months), and they don’t cost a liver and kidney.

How do Smile Direct Club Night Aligners Work?

Up until 2019, Smile Direct Club shared a manufacturing partnership with the same company responsible for Invisalign, Align Technology. This collaboration may no longer be in operation, but Smile Direct still knows its way around combining the tried-and-tested technologies of Invisalign and modifying them to make their products suitable for home use. Smile Direct also remains one of the handfuls of dental servicing brands to offer night-time aligners.

According to Direct Smile Night Aligners’ reviews, they have the same goal as their day-time wear counterparts – to correct mild to moderate teeth concerns. However, they may take a little longer to deliver results. This is because of the simple fact that you wear day aligners for more hours than you do night aligners. The estimated time frame for wearing these aligners is 10 hours per day. If that’s more sleep time than you can afford, it’ll help to wear them a few hours before or after bed to make up for lost time.

Smile Direct Club Night Aligners’ Features

If you qualify as a candidate for their night-time aligners, you can expect to see results in about ten weeks. The best part of it all is that Smile Direct aligners help you achieve your dream smile at up to 60% lesser pricing than regular teeth correction braces. Smile Direct’s night aligners are BPA-free and custom-made for each individual. 

These aligners are recommended for mild to moderate dental issues. If you’re looking to correct more severe spacing, crooking, or crowding issues, you may want to look at other options. Qualified customers receive customized treatment plans and aligners that are specially designed for them. Your aligner is set to ‘move’ with your teeth. This is why we strongly recommend that you stick to the treatment plan provided by your orthodontist and not deviate from it. 

How Do I Sign Up for Smile Direct Night Aligners?

Here’s what you need to do to get started on your journey towards a healthy- and beautiful-looking set of teeth. First, book an appointment at any Smile Direct Club clinic and get your teeth scanned at no cost. The other option is to order an impression kit. It lets you take photos and mold of your teeth from the comfort of your home. Mail the results to the professionals at Smile Direct. An orthodontist there assesses your teeth impressions and walks you through a treatment plan if you are eligible. Once this is all set, you receive a starter kit. 

A Smile Direct Night Aligner kit costs $1950, with additional whitening treatment with no added charges. Once treatment is over, you receive post-treatment retainers to keep your teeth in place. 

The Pros and Cons of Smile Direct Night Aligners


  • They are discreet because you only wear them at night.
  • They offer fairly quick results.
  • They are noticeably transparent, making them almost invisible.
  • You have monthly payment options.
  • No trips to the clinic are necessary because everything is virtual.
  • Smile Direct Club Night Aligners’ reviews testify to the products’ worth.


  • May not be ideal for clients who prefer in-person consultations.


Which Is Better – Smile Direct Club Night Aligners Vs. Byte Night-Time Aligners?

Both aligners are for at-home use and are cheaper alternatives to traditional Invisalign treatment. Smile Direct may be the first to introduce night aligners to the masses, but Byte promises a faster turnaround time and offers a lifetime guarantee. 

Smile Direct’s night aligners are similar to their day-time ones, while Byte incorporates specialized designs for their night aligners. Nonetheless, both dental services rely on a straight cut for their aligners. Price-wise, Smile Direct ($1950) offers cheaper options than Byte ($2295). But this is justifiable because Byte promises to deliver results in half the time, and their kit comes with the HyperByte device – one that costs about $699 separately.

Do Smile Direct Night Aligners Work?

Yes, there’s no reason why they won’t. Just be sure to diligently stick to the prescribed 10-hour per day aligner time. The results may take longer than when you’re wearing day-time aligners, but it’s a more convenient option if you’re looking for something discreet.

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