Dental Assistant Training

This article provides information on dental assistant training letting you pursue a career as a dental assistant. Information provided includes a directory of schools offering dental assistant training, along with forms to request additional information.

Dental Assistant Work

A dental assistant performs many tasks in the average dental office. A dental assistant’s tasks include getting a patient ready in the dental chair, preparing patients for dental procedures, managing dental records, sterilizing dental instruments, providing them to the dentist when requested, preparing anesthetics, managing suction devices, taking dental X-rays, and more. The dental assistant may also remove dental sutures, clean away extra dental cement after a filling has been done, and provide instructions to patients on dental care. A dental assistant may also be involved in administrative duties such as setting and confirming appointments, processing dental bills, collecting payments, reminding patients of dental appointment, and ordering dental supplies.

Dental Assistant Skills

A dental assistant must work very closely with the dentist to assist in a wide variety of dental tasks. Therefore, a dental assistant must be able to communicate clearly, understand and act on detailed verbal instructions, and have the ability to manage a great deal of detail. A dental assistant must also be very reliable and have excellent manual dexterity.

Dental Assistant Training Courses

Dental assistant training courses include classes in dental assistant skills, dental hygiene, dental materials, and more. A dental assistant is also provided live practical experience in a dental school, dental clinic, or dental office to gain some practical exposure to a real dental environment.

Dental Assistant Employment

Most dental assistants naturally enough find their employment in private dental offices. A small number find work in dental schools, hospitals, or clinics. Due to growing demand in the population for dental services and a desire by the dentist to spend most of his or her time on more profitable procedures, more and more of the work will be offloaded to the dental assistant. As a result, demand for dental assistants is expected to grow much faster than the average.